We provide an "Intuitive Data Analytic" platform solution to support any organization in a variety of industries.

Data integration, to data preparation, you’ll have simple analytics that are
engineered to optimize and problem solve matters that arise within your organization.

How we can help you?

Simplify the complex. Isolate the problem , Investigate on a more advanced level. Identify the opportunity.  

  • Solution Finder

    Identify problems, find solutions with your data and IDA’s forecasting capability

  • Voice and Touch Screen

    Engage IDA using your voice, keyboard or touchscreen. User friendly interface designed to simplify access to your data.

  • Interactive Interface

    User-Friendly interactive interface designed for any level end-user and intuitively designed navigation tools.

  • Quicker Launch

    IDA was designed to simplify the implementation and launch process. Access information from a variety of data ports in a short amount of time. 

  • Reporting & Analytics

    IDA reporting capabilities are designed to allow readability of complex information for any individual at any level for any organization

  • Help & Support

    Staffed with a team of data experts to provide support and guidance to optimize and unlock IDA’s capabilities and features.

Inquiry and Data Processing Flow


·        Users Type or Speak their Query

·        Multi-Layered query capability

·        Data Pulled, Processed, and Analyzed

·        Forecast Reports

·        Projection Analysis and Manipulation

·        User Friendly, Color coded reports

·        Group Share Capabilites

·        Simplified comparison views and reporting

*This diagram is a very generic depiction of the data access flow process and is not reflective of the accurate flow.

Who is IDA?

IDA is “Intuitive Data Analytics”, a dynamic innovative solution platform that was designed to take large amounts of complex data and present it in a simplified manner with the added value of optimized presentation, predictive capability designed isolate errors in your operations, visualize the complicated and ultimately identify and problem solve. 

IDA is simple to use as is her set up.  Our platform can pull data from a variety of data sources easily and eliminates the need for structured queries and reports.  Designed to meet the needs of any person at any level within any organization.  IDA was designed to be a problem finder and a solution finder.  To create visualizations that can often unlock insight into opportunities and improvements. 


IDA is detailed and incorporates a HUMAN touch. She can:

  • Comprehend question and user requests
  • Predicative/Forecasting ability in response to queries
  • “Unbound Search Capability” - Answer queries without the need for specific words or pre-approved language
  • Provide instantaneous chart visualizations
  • Grant access to your data quicker and faster (optimized system setup)

IDA – Empowers you and your team to make calculated decisions to drive your tomorrow.

  • Share information easily amongst teams and departments
  • Publish information to a variety of formats.
  • User friendly library of common queries and publisher
  • Tiered accessibility to various confidential data (Security)
  • Intake portal to access all relevant information from any data source


IDA is the KEY to Unlock Information. Quicker.


The Smartest Way to Interpret Data

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