non profit
non profit

As a non-profit agency you are committed to the communities you serve. Maximizing your contributions, running efficiently is the core of your commitment to ensure the support you provide is long lasting and providing the most value to your recipients.  Whether you are an agency that provides support to those locally or internationally, the ability to easily obtain a pulse of your campaigns, operations, distributions accessing this information quickly is critical to strategy and execution.

Optimally support & care for the communities you serve.

IDA can support Non-Profits:

  • Assess effectiveness of campaigns and donor drives from marketing results to donation receipts easily
  • Identify potential target donors with ease
  • Identify populations or areas that you can better serve easily
  • Assess demographic trends in the communities you serve
  • Identify donor support trends
  • Create forecast campaigns and results based on historical and trend information
  • Share information easily and visually with donors, departments, etc.