As an Insurance provider whether it be you provide policies issued for P&C, Auto, Health, Life insurance policies, having a pulse on the data regarding your customers, operations, etc. is critical to ensure profitability and accurately assessing loss.  Analytic information is critical and accessing data information quickly allows for calculated assessments, substantiated forecasts and guided directives.

Data drives your operations, sales forecasts, marketing plans. Having accurate, easily accessible “data finders and diggers” with the added capacity to help solve problems is what will drive your organization further and navigate changes that arise.

Calculated directives to ensure longevity and support for your customers.

IDA can support Insurance Companies:

  • Identify potential target markets & effects of executed marketing strategies
  • Visualize affects of changes in demographics for your policy holders
  • Forecast financial effects of changes in government policies or natural disasters (rise in claims) easily
  • Create forecast campaigns and results based on historical and trend information
  • Share information easily and visually with management and departments
  • Identify quickly and visualize policy holders and specifics unique to their demographic, policy types, income, etc. to help create specific programs uniquely designed for them.
  • Identify “losses” quicker to support adaptation plans and strategies