Data integration, to data preparation, you’ll have simple analytics that are engineered to optimize your company.

 “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

Industry Applications

IDA is adaptable to any work environment and industry.  Our platform was designed to eliminate the need for custom tailored solutions with adaptability to fit any environment of varied size and number of data sources. 

This translates to quicker implementation into any environment. What makes our solution distinctive is that anyone with access can pull information, layer queries, share information with ease instantaneously.   

  • Insurance

    A solution designed to allow easy access to relevant, decision making information for P&C, Auto, Health, Life, etc. policy providers.

  • Finance

    Identify trends easier, access insight on how changes in regulation/rates affect your operations and create calculated decisions to navigate changes in industry.

  • Healthcare

    Access to data that supports patient care, operations, HR, research, billing, etc. drives various departments of your healthcare operation and strategic purposes.  

  • Government

    A solution that will simplify access & presentation of data of any department within a government agency (City, County, State Level Agencies) .  A tool that allows easy sharing of reports across your agency.

  • Non-Profit

    Identify effectiveness of programs, opportunities in outreach, value of donor drives with data info that can drive your  plans to empower your non-profit's purpose further.

  • Utilities

    Designed to support power, gas, communication, water agencies optimize operations, keep cost low, provide quality service through data analytics to drive improvement and growth.

The Smartest Way to Interpret Data

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