You are committed to providing quality care for your patients, serve fully the community and creating a positive work environment for the hundreds of people in your organization from the medical staff, volunteers, administrators, management and operational staff to name a few.  You understand that all these pieces have the ability to create an environment that foster healing and quality service to those you serve.

From a management perspective, having a clear and easy view to all of the departments in your organization ensure continuity, minimize risk, and optimal tomorrow.

IDA’s healthcare platform allows you to quickly grab data from a variety of source to create a clear picture of your organization.  It allows you to create “scenarios” to foresee possibilities of a change. For example, during the month of February, your ER was max capacity and wait time was over 6 hours.  IDA allows you to dig further to identify patient case type, resources to help identify solutions and create forecast scenarios to streamline your ER department during peak periods.

This is just one example of how IDA can support your organization.  It was designed to support all departments within a health care agency from Human Resources, Operations, Management, Patient Care and more.

IDA can support Healthcare Companies:

  • Visualize effects of changes in staff (turnover, retirement, new hires, shortages)
  • Identify quickly benefits of contract employees or full-time hires
  • Quickly identify shortfalls in operations/potential liabilities
  • Forecast financial effects of changes in government policies
  • Create forecast reports/projections based on historical and trend information
  • Share information easily and visually with management and departments
  • Identify quickly snapshot of health trends to create strategic campaigns (i.e.: preventive care campaigns, age specific programs, etc.)
  • Visualize effects of marketing campaigns