About Us

Gain a vantage point that creates valued connections, identifies improvement possibilities, and optimizes opportunity.

Intuitive Data Analytics, LLC is the innovator behind IDA.  IDA (Interactive Data Analytics) is an intuitive business intelligence platform designed to support, guide and lead companies of any industry to unlock insight into their operations sourced from any data source. 

Who We Are

Intuitive Data Analytics are solution finders.  We are a team of innovators who have years of experience in creating technology that optimizes operations, streamline productivity and lead companies and their teams to a stronger tomorrow.

Our Mission

We are not your traditional data management platform but our mission is to provide a solution that is insightful, user friendly, paired with predictive capabilities to help access mass amounts of information quickly and with ease.

We Are Different

Designed to empower users to request any type of query on the fly without pre-staging by your  IT staff. IDA's data connector setup is simple, fast & creates accelerated access to info to drive actionable insight to decisionmakers.

Our History

The innovation team being Intuitive Data Analytics, LLC is comprised of engineers, computer scientists and user experience designers. Fueling IDA are technology experts with over 25+ years of experience in providing software solutions that have streamlined a variety industries including government, non-profit, financial, utility, insurance agencies and more throughout the US and Canada.  The vision was clear to create a solution that was easy to use, quick to launch and provide information that simplified the complex and confusing into information that was made clear.

Would you like to see how IDA can help you?

If you are interested to see how IDA can help your organization quickly access data, identify problems and create solutions, contact us today!