Unlock Information, Simplify the Complex.

Gain a vantage point that creates valued connections, identifies improvement possibilities, and optimizes opportunities

Who is IDA?

IDA is a dynamic, innovative software that creatively and accurately transforms any organizations large data sets, from a variety of sources creating a comprehensive, simplified visualization to navigate and guide your organization forward. The platform was designed to “interactively engage” users and is not a data management tool or canned report platform and was designed to be adaptive and problem solving.
  • Business Intelligence

    IDA absorbs large amounts of information from a variety of data sources on a user friendly platform that creates accessible data to conduct clear business analytic assessments, solutions & decisions.

  • Data Mining

    IDA hunts, scavenges, and pools data that supports your queries.  IDA consolidates data in a visual, comprehensive, and informative display while "layering" info to create more calculated predictions.

  • Solution Finder

    IDA is not a mere data reporting tool. She was designed to take data analytics a step further by not only sharing query results quickly but enhanced to help identify "holes" process and dig for solutions.

  • Data Visualization

    Simplified. Visual Diagrams in interchangeable formats and comprehensive and clear reports.

  • Big Data Science

    Clarity. Providing a tool to simplify the complexities of big data to allow for accelerated access to drive business analytic decisions.

  • Cloud & On-Premise

    A Solution Fit For You.  IDA is offered as a on-premise solution or cloud-based solution.  You determine the solution best fits your needs based on security, size, etc.

How IDA Works?

   Comprehend questions and user requests

   Predictive ability in response to queries

   Pre-approved language / specific words not necessary

   Provide instantaneous chart visualizations


Would you like to see how IDA can help you?

If you are interested to see how IDA can help your organization quickly access data, identify problems and create solutions, contact us today!